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TIDES Tables Schema

Schemas for TIDES suite.

Files in Specification

TIDES consists of a package of files as defined in the following table.

The following table is automatically generated from [tides.spec.json]

name title description required
vehicle-locations Vehicle Locations Timestamped vehicle locations and speeds. False
passenger-events Passenger Events Timestamped passenger-related events, including boardings and alightings. False
fare-transactions Fare Transactions Timestamped fare transaction, associated with devices. False
stop-visits Stop Visits Summarized boarding, alighting, arrival, departure, and other events (kneel engaged, ramp deployed, etc.) by trip and stop for each service date. False
trips-performed Trips Performed Trips performed for each service date. False
station-activities Station Activities Summarized transactions, entries, and exits by stop or station and time period for each service date (for events not associated with a trip). False
devices Devices Measurement devices, such as AVL, APC, and AFC devices, associated with vehicles or stops or stations. False
train-cars Train Cars Assets that comprise vehicles, such as train cars, with descriptive information. False
vehicle-train-cars Vehicle Train Cars Relationships between assets and vehicles. False
vehicles Vehicles Vehicles, including buses and train consists, with descriptive information. False
operators Operators Personnel who operate vehicles. False

File components for TIDES are specified in [tides.spec.json] in a format compatible with the frictionless data data package standard.


Files in the TIDES suite are related to each other and other open standards as follows:

graph LR; avl(((AVL))) --> vehicle_locations[/vehicle_locations/] APC --> passenger_events[/passenger_events/] AFC --> fare_transactions[/fare_transactions/] vehicle_locations --> summary[Summary Process] fare_transactions --> summary passenger_events --> summary summary --> |stop_id,trip_id,vehicle_id|stop_visits[/stop_visits/] summary -->|stop_id| station_activities[/station_activities/] summary --> trips_performed[/trips_performed/] trips.txt[/trips.txt/] --> |trip_id| stop_times.txt[/stop_times.txt/] stops.txt[/stops.txt/] --> |stop_id|stop_times.txt calendar.txt[/calendar.txt/] --> |service_id|stop_times.txt vehicle_train_cars[/vehicle_train_cars/] -.vehicle_id.- vehicles[/vehicles/] vehicle_train_cars -.- |train_car_id| train_cars[/train_cars/] train_cars -.- |train_car_id| devices[/devices/] vehicles --- |vehicle_id| devices vehicles --> |vehicle_id|trips_performed operators[/operators/] -.-> |operator_id| trips_performed stop_times.txt --> |" stop_times.txt: stop_id,stop_sequence stop_visits: stop_id,scheduled_stop_sequence "| stop_visits stop_times.txt --> |trips.txt| trips_performed stops.txt --> |stop_id|station_activities stop_times.txt --> |" stop_times.txt: stop_id,stop_sequence vehicle_locations: stop_id,scheduled_stop_sequence "| vehicle_locations stop_times.txt --> |" stop_times.txt: stop_id,stop_sequence passenger_events: stop_id,scheduled_stop_sequence "| passenger_events stop_times.txt --> |" stop_times.txt: stop_id,stop_sequence fare_transactions: stop_id,scheduled_stop_sequence "| fare_transactions subgraph eventf [Event Data] vehicle_locations passenger_events fare_transactions end subgraph summaryf [Summary Files] station_activities stop_visits trips_performed end subgraph gtfs [ GTFS ] stop_times.txt stops.txt trips.txt calendar.txt end subgraph proposedGTFS [ Proposed GTFS ] train_cars vehicle_train_cars vehicles end subgraph additional [ Additional Data ] devices operators end click stops.txt "" click stop_times.txt "" click calendar.txt "" click trips.txt "" click station_activities "../tables/#station-activities" click stop_visits "../tables/#stop-visits" click train_cars "../tables/#train-cars" click vehicle_train_cars "../tables/#vehicle-train-cars" click vehicles "../tables/#vehicles" click devices "../tables/#devices" click vehicle_locations "../tables/#vehicle-locations" click passenger_events "../tables/#passenger-events" click fare_transactions "../tables/#fare-transactions"

Relationship of trip_id_scheduled to GTFS Schedule trip_id

trip_id_scheduled in TIDES and trip_id in GTFS Schedule should be consistent when a performed trip exists in the published GTFS Schedule.

If a trip does not exist in the published GTFS Schedule, trip_id_scheduled values in TIDES do not have any assumed relationship with GTFS.