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TIDES Governance

Governance of the TIDES Project is achieved through the definition and filling of the following roles as defined here and fulfilled by the following individuals as noted:

Role Who
TIDES Board Coordinator John Levin, Metro Transit (Minneapolis)
TIDES Manager MobilityData
TIDES Program Manager TBD
TIDES Contributor List of Contributors
TIDES Stakeholder Anyone who has an interest in or could be directly affected by the TIDES specification and tools.


TIDES Project

The TIDES Project is made up of:

  • The specification itself
  • Documentation of the specification
  • The structure and templates for sample data and scripts
  • Validation/CI/documentation scripts
  • The GitHub Organization “TIDES-transit”
  • Contents of the GitHub repositories owned by the TIDES-transit organization
  • Documentation and records for the governance and management of TIDES
  • Other documentation of the TIDES Project overall



TIDES is collectively owned and governed by a Board of Directors.

TIDES Board of Directors

TIDES is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board meets roughly one a month and has a public agenda and minutes.

Board Membership

  • Members of the Board decide the number of positions on the Board.
  • Members of the Board select individuals to fill open positions on the Board.
  • Members of the Board may remove any individual from the Board.
  • Members of the Board will each be assigned as an “Owner” of the GitHub Organization for TIDES-transit.

Board Coordinator

  • The TIDES Board will select a member to serve as the Board Coordinator.
  • The Board Coordinator will schedule and arrange for Board meetings.
  • The Board Coordinator will conduct votes by the Board and document results.
  • The Board Coordinator will communicate with the TIDES Manager / TIDES Program Manager as needed.

Board Decisions

  • Unless otherwise stated, decisions of the TIDES Board are subject to approval by two thirds of the non-abstaining membership of the entire board at the time of the vote (not just those voting).
  • Board members may abstain from any vote.
  • Decisions of the Board will be documented in writing and saved within the TIDES GitHub repository.
  • The primary decisions that Board members are expected to make include:
    • Selection of new Board members, and removal of Board members if needed.
    • Selection of the TIDES Manager.
    • Approval of the MOU with the TIDES Manager.
    • Approve list of proposed changes for each development cycle.
    • Review and approve each new release of TIDES.
    • Manage Urgent Changes to the standard in collaboration with the TIDES Manager.
    • Resolve issues that arise during the Change Management process that cannot be addressed by the TIDES Manager.

Board Member Role and Term

  • Board members serve as individuals, not as representatives of an organization.
  • Board members who change organizations, leave the transit industry, or otherwise have a major change in their professional affiliation will be expected to offer their resignation so that the Board can continue to broadly represent the interest of TIDES stakeholders.
  • Board members will have staggered terms of three years.

Board Makeup

  • Majority of board members should be from transit agencies.
  • The Board will seek geographic, demographic (race, gender, and other categories), organizational (transit agency, ITS vendor, DOT, etc.) diversity of members in offering positions.

TIDES Manager

  • The Board may select an individual or organization to serve as the TIDES Manager to handle the day-to-day management of the TIDES specification and other elements.
  • The Board will execute a Memorandum of Understanding with the TIDES Manager that outlines the roles, responsibilities, and limitations of the management role.
  • The Board may change the management of TIDES at any time for any reason.
  • When there is no TIDES Manager assigned, the Board will take over management in the interim.

TIDES Program Manager

  • The TIDES Manager will assign an individual as the Program Manager.
  • The TIDES Manager will communicate the name of the Program Manager to the Board in writing and notify the Board of any change in this assignment in writing.
  • The TIDES Program Manager will be the primary point of contact between the TIDES Board and the TIDES Manager.

Management Implementation and Principles

  • The TIDES Program Manager will be assigned as an Owner of the GitHub Organization for TIDES (along with each member of the Board).
  • The TIDES Manager will solicit, review, approve, and manage requests by individuals to be assigned as a TIDES Contributor.
  • The TIDES Manager will remove Contributors at their discretion, including situations when the Contributor violates the Contributor agreement.
  • The TIDES Manager will, with the input and concurrence of the Board of Directors, establish and manage the process for modifying the TIDES spec over time.

TIDES Contributor

  • Individuals will request to be a Contributor by completing an online form that includes acknowledgement of the Contributor Agreement and TIDES Code of Conduct.
  • A TIDES Contributor has rights to create issues, discussions, and pull requests in the TIDES repository.
  • A TIDES Contributor has rights to vote in decisions on changes to the TIDES spec and other aspects of TIDES.

TIDES Stakeholder

  • Anyone who has an interest in or could be directly affected by the TIDES specification and tools.

Document History



Initial Version

  • Initial release of the TIDES Governance document.
  • Establishment of governance principles, roles, policies, and procedures.